No more Dress Rehearsals

No more Dress Rehearsals

This is me, five years ago, singing my heart out to a crowd of 150+ people. I’m at my wedding and the stakes couldn’t feel any higher. I’m declaring my love in a very public way, in front of those who know my entire life story. And, for the first time in my adult life, I’m holding nothing back.  

It felt incredible. 

Growing up, I was often the lead in musicals and always drawn to the spotlight. But - until that night in February 2013, I was always holding back. I had one foot in, enthusiastically engaged in the things I loved most, and the other foot out, anxiously analyzing what you thought of me and where I didn’t measure up. Never good enough. With one foot out, I was in a kind of perpetual dress rehearsal.  There was a false sense of comfort and safety in knowing that, if I was still in dress rehearsal mode, I could avoid the pain of really failing.

If this is your story, then you know how exhausting it feels to operate this way.

The inner dialogue went something like this: I’ll really go for it when I...

  • get more fit

  • gain more confidence

  • have more accolades to feel legit

I see this moreso with women: we resist stepping in fully so we cloak our potential in apologies, excuses and not-good-enoughs.  


Here’s what I now know to be true

When we live life like a dress rehearsal and hold back under the illusion of the “when I...I will,” we’re actually being selfish. We’re actually holding back the very thing that others need most from us and what we need most from others: authenticity, ease, courage and compassion.

Well I'm not holding back anymore. I'm stepping into my full potential to help guide you to step into yours with The Momentum Coaching Program.

It's a powerful 12-week mindful group coaching experience for mothers who want to create the results in life + work that they LOVE. This program is practical and portable for the busy mom. Everything happens over the phone and online.

If you're excited reading about The Momentum, contact me at, or book a complimentary coaching call. I want to hear from you!

This Tuesday 14th August: What are your plans?

This Tuesday 14th August: What are your plans?

Moms, have you forgotten to put your oxygen mask on first?

Moms, have you forgotten to put your oxygen mask on first?