This is what change looks like

This is what change looks like

Less than five months ago, I took this photo on the left of my office. On the right is a photo I took this week of that same office.

Doesn't look that different from the outside, right?

Except, what goes on inside that office today is dramatically different to five months ago.

Before, I would feel:

  • more scattered than productive with daily tasks

  • rushed through the day and less fulfilled by what I was actually doing

  • not as confident and capable as I knew I could feel as I built my coaching business.

Today, I:

  • show up to work each day with energy, focus and a clear schedule for the day's priorities

  • feel inspired and confident about the business that I run and the amazing clients whom I have the honour to work with

  • feel more fulfilled than ever when I'm working and much more present than ever before during family time

So, what changed?

1. I set a goal and got clear about the results I want in my life
2. I joined a group of likeminded creative entrepreneurs to get the support, inspiration and motivation I know I need to thrive
3. I set-up an accountability plan so that I can achieve what I want

The biggest change? I recognized on a deep level and MADE A DECISION to commit 100% to what I want to create in my work + life.  

Ahhh.... such freedom!

Are you thinking what I think you're thinking? 

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Moms, have you forgotten to put your oxygen mask on first?

Moms, have you forgotten to put your oxygen mask on first?