Burnout is not required to succeed

Burnout is not required to succeed

Good habits are worth being fanatical about.
— John Irving

This past month, I got sick for the sixth time in six months.

For someone who prioritizes wellness - getting enough sleep, daily probiotics, regular exercise and so on - this was all very humbling. I knew that it was time to pay attention to my body’s whispering (read: pleading). But it took someone else (my coach) to point out what I couldn’t see for myself.

“Burnout is not required to succeed,” she stated.


That phrase hit the pause button hard for me. Burnout is not required to succeed.

Looking back at my life, I was struck by how pervasive this belief around burnout has been for me. The countless university exams where I pulled all-nighters only to arrive on exam day depleted and unfocused. The first five years of my broadcasting career where I “gave my all” working seven days a week - no one said this was required - often last to leave the office, eating mostly food court meals and still feeling not good enough in story meetings.

It’s disturbing to revisit this stuff.

But even more disturbing is that I thought I was “fine.”

I felt “fine.”

Burnout is a subtle beast, altering your settings to make you think you are OK. But, deep down, we can all feel the difference between surviving and thriving.

Just shy of 30 and in my dream job as a field producer, I was tired, unhealthy, single and overwhelmed.

I knew that something had to shift but I was afraid that if I set the boundaries I knew I needed, I would lose my job. Deep down, I feared I’d lose my identity...the identity I’d worked so hard to achieve. The stakes felt incredibly high as I entered my manager’s office to inform her that I would need to reduce my workload to sustain quality work.

What happened next changed my career, my life and how I view myself today.

…My boss said OK.

And in the months following, my career took a quantum leap where I became a leader in the very thing that I struggled so deeply to honour in myself: creating a working life that is sustainable, fulfilling and impactful.

That moment, that turning point, was the first time I viewed myself as a leader. There are so many different ways to lead, and I’ve come to see that I lead from a place of honesty and vulnerability. Through that comes courage and strength.

As you show up for work each day this week, what kind of leader do you want to be?

Will you be approaching this busy time of year from a perspective of thriving or surviving?

Here's a challenge for you:

Think of three simple things you love to do which leave you feeling alive and which can be done in 15 minutes. For example, connecting with a friend who makes you laugh, an evening stroll, listening to your favourite song.

Now, open up your calendar (do it!) and plug these three things into your calendar for next week. You will thank me for it!

If we don’t prioritize even the little things that help us thrive, we automatically switch into survival mode.

I often think of Michelle Obama's words: we need to remember to put ourselves at the top of our "to do" list. If Michelle Obama has time, then we can make time to do this!

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Starting off on the right foot...

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