Let's talk about failure...

Let's talk about failure...


I spent most of my adult life feeling like I didn't measure up, like I was behind everyone else and always coming up short.

I felt inadequate as a producer in my CBC days, inadequate as a mom in my early mothering months and inadequate with my career direction up until just over a year ago.

From afar, the external portrait of my life might have appeared successful. Internally? I was struggling.

When I became a mother, something changed. I started to meet resilience head on. And I discovered something about myself which changed everything.

Interested in learning more?

1. Join me this coming Monday at The MoMentum Talks and hear successful mom leaders talk about their own resilient aha moments.

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There will be wholesome goodies, local booze and a curated gift from Knix, Roots, The Detox Market and more!

Join me and other motivated working moms for a mindful evening of inspiration and networking.


2. Check out yesterday's edition of Shedoesthecity for a feature about my story and the story behind The Momentum.

Oh, and if you feel or have felt inadequate at some point in your life, know that it's a trait of authentic leadership. And you're not alone - Michelle Obama writes about her own feelings of inadequacy and insecurity in her incredible book.

I look forward to seeing you Monday night and hearing from you soon!!


If you don't have time to read this then...

If you don't have time to read this then...