What inspires you?

What inspires you?

I've been thinking about this question a lot lately. And the more I think about it, the more inspired I get, and the more alive I feel. (PS: want to turn what inspires you into something more concrete? Join me Nov 6th for this mindful goal-visioning workshop! Register by emailing me at workshops@themomentum.info!)

What's been inspiring me lately...

1. My dad.

My dad just published his second novel in two years, it's called Confessions of a Medical Student. I read it in only a few hours. On a weekend. During naps and after bedtime. It was that good.

My dad asked me to interview him as part of the launch. Oh, what fun we had!

"Payback time, dad," I joked, "for all those harsh reviews you gave of my writing."

The only criticism I ever received from my dad was that I should write more.

Photo: Mike Cohen

Photo: Mike Cohen

Just to provide some context, my dad is 74, a practicing psychiatrist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto and associate professor with University of Toronto. He is a founding editor of the Ars Medica journal and he's published over forty-five stories in literary and medical journals. Two years ago he published his other novel, The Analyst Who Laughed to Death, and he's also the author of the bestselling thriller, The Last Panic. Oh - he also runs at least three times a week and plays jazz piano.

Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed or stuck, I just think of my dad: "Go for a run, Nat, or put on some good music," are his words.

Thanks, dad, for inspiring me.

2. Alex Neary and her mindful lens.

Here I am comforting our 2.5 year old after an "argument" he had with his slightly older brother.


This image takes me right back to the feel of holding my Samuel.

The warmth of his skin, the weight of his body in my arms, the feel of his little fingers around my neck.

In this shot, I had no idea that Alex Neary was standing by the doorway with her magical lens.

Alex of Wild Eyed Photography is the gifted lifestyle photographer who became a fly on the wall with us one recent Saturday afternoon as she captured the in-betweenness of our family life. During Alex's stay, we kept apologizing for the chaos, the meltdowns, the mess...

Then, a few weeks later, these...

Thank you, Alex, for capturing the mundane magic we aren't always able to see ourselves.

3. My closette.

When Irene Kim, personal stylist extraordinaire at La Closette, gave me permission to only wear the clothes that I love, I felt liberated in that area for the first time in five years.

Here is Irene this summer, by the way, on vacation with her preschooler. La maman magnifique!


Over the last five years - through two pregnancies, nursing two children and countless sleepless nights - my wardrobe had become a reflection of my transitory status. And getting dressed felt anything but inspiring. I printed out Irene's checklist and then promptly waited for one month to do what ended up taking 30 minutes: liberate my closet!!!

Getting dressed since then (albeit with fewer options) has been fun again!

If you enjoyed this blog post, stay tuned for a Part II in the coming weeks...


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