If you don't have time to read this then...

If you don't have time to read this then...

“Is it retreat time yet?”

Yes. Make sure to block off that down time you know you’re going to be craving in January.

“How do I know if I need a retreat?”

If you feel like you don’t have time to read through this email, you need a retreat. Even animals take retreats. Everyone needs it.

“What’s a retreat?”

It’s a break. A reset. A time to press pause, take a step back and reframe. (Ps. If you’re asking this question, you need a retreat.)


Jan 11: The MoMentum Full Day Retreat at The Brickworks 8am-4pm

Authentic leaders start here. This retreat is for leaders - or closet-leaders - who long to step into their full potential, mindfully. Join other inspiring trailblazers, who happen to be moms, for a powerful day of visioning your 2019 + creating an action plan to get you there.

There are limited spots for this retreat. If you are interested in attending, please email me at natalie@themomentum.info for more info

Jan 14: The MoMentum Evening Workshop at Xiaolan Centre 7.30-9.30pm

For working moms who want greater clarity, calm and confidence in their career and life. Learn practical tools and tips, create a focus for 2019, and hear from other likeminded working moms, all in a facilitated space.

Click here for more info about the workshop.

Have any Questions? Email me at natalie@themomentum.info

Be proactive this 2019. Re-treat yourself now.

Why I'm bragging about my 2018

Why I'm bragging about my 2018

Let's talk about failure...

Let's talk about failure...