Why I don't wait until I feel ready

Why I don't wait until I feel ready

Spoiler alert: I’m going to challenge you here to get accountable about what you keep putting off.

Are you owning it?

Do you know what your it is?

It is the question you want to ask your spouse but always hold back on.

It is the lifestyle you want to create for yourself but always override with your conservative parental inside voice.

It is the business idea or career you want but don’t know how to start.

We continue to put it off, thinking we need to be ready. What we really need is to own it, or at least to begin to do so. Being ready to go for it is directly proportional to my willingness to own it.

Words of wisdom from CBC hipster zen master

I’ll never forget the wisdom I gleaned from my then-colleague at The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos.

You need to fucking own it, man.

His words were in response to the concerns many of us had that our pitches weren’t resonating well with Strombo and the show Exec. We turned to our fellow hipster zen master for advice, whose random and beautiful stories were almost always green lit.

Own it.


So here I am, owning it. Here’s me, back at the CBC, fourteen years later, but now I lead mindfulness classes for CBC staff - many of whom are former colleagues.

I’ve found my it: helping you find, own and create yours.

What would owning more of it in your life, work, relationships look like? If you want guidance on how to identify your it…If you know what it is and you want support and accountability to get there…

I can help you.

Email me for a free consult at natalie@natalieruskin.com

If you wait until you’re ready, it might be too late. Start to own your it now.


Did you see?

That I’m now a CBC Parents contributor?! Have a read of my latest article about embracing failure in front of my kids as a way to build resilience.

Ready to step into your it? Book your free consultation call with me below and let’s discover it together.

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