What was your Peak Moment?

What was your Peak Moment?

May 4, 2016

I’d just given birth to my second child. I was floating in endorphins after a natural delivery.

This photo was taken moments after I met a very intense juncture in the labour where I screamed:I can’t do this anymore!”

As I’ve heard other moms half-seriously share, I told them to just leave the baby in.

Irrational, right?

And, then of course, as quickly as I uttered those words…our son had made his entrance.

Now, consider this:

How often in your other life pursuits do you mumble to yourself “I can’t do this”? And, how often do you inevitably do the thing you say you can’t? And, finally, how amazing do you feel after you do the thing you told yourself you couldn’t do?

Right now, can you take a moment to reflect on:

The things you once told yourself you couldn’t do which you courageously did do! You DID DO IT! The marathon, the business launch, the natural birth, the bedtime routine for 2+ young kids all on your own, the going back to work when it seemed impossible…and all the other impossibles.

2. What you feel most grateful for as a mom.

3. Who you are most grateful for - and text them right now to let them know!


And, if you’re still not sure, here’s the science to explain why positive outlook shifts outcomes.

Introducing, The MoMentum Marketplace.

Introducing, The MoMentum Marketplace.

Are you underestimating your actions?

Are you underestimating your actions?