Are you underestimating your actions?

Are you underestimating your actions?

Today, I am one of those rare people who takes action towards what I want. But I wasn’t always this way. Those who know me well would say that I’ve always had lots of ideas, but they’d also likely share that I was punching below my weight for many, many years.

What helped me take action was...taking action! Suddenly, taking action doesn’t feel as hard as it used to feel because it becomes a learned skill for me. Now, when I’m feeling stuck or overwhelmed, I know what I need to do.

You guessed it…

Take action!

Wanna know what I love most about my work today? I get to help others take action in their lives...AND I get to witness the satisfaction and wonder they experience once they’ve done so.


Read on for three bursts of inspiration about The MoMentum clients IN ACTION.

1. Business Launched

One of my business coaching clients, in the span of eight weeks, has fully launched her business.  Her website, social media and e-commerce is set up and she’s already making sales!

2. Better flex

A client of mine, a (former, self-described) people-pleaser, has negotiated better work hours after much resistance from her academic workplace.  The best part? She is only NOW being seen as a contender for a more senior role. When she took action, got what she needed and overcame the fear of losing her job (or, worse, being judged) she was led to richer work opportunities which better support her lifestyle.

3. Writer Unblocked

Deep down, she’s always been a writer, but this client is finally owning her gifts today as an author and, she’s nearly finished the first draft of her first novel! While months ago the word “writer” might have never left her lips, she’s now sharing with her community and circle who she is and what she is creating.


All photos by Melanie Gordon Photography.

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