How to Ask for What You Want

How to Ask for What You Want

As working moms + moms in transition, we are pretty aware of what we want. But that’s where the awareness ends.

What stops us from asking for what we really want?

Whether it’s more flex work hours, an assistant for our biz, higher pay, more support at home, a fit body, a more alive sex life…we hold on to these wants but don’t act on them.


An inherited belief that what we want isn’t possible.

Self-judgment that we are too high-maintenance.

Fear that we will lose more if we ask for more.

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One of my current clients decided to ask for what she wanted.
In her own words, here’s what happened next:

I have been working with Natalie since January, and this past quarter has been my most successful to date. She helped me notice a lot of unproductive patterns in my daily life. The idea of working with a professional/life coach was a bit of a hard concept for me to get at first, but after some encouragement from a trusted colleague, I signed up. The group that I've been working with is also a total mixed bag: from lawyers at big corporate companies, to freelancers, entrepreneurs and stay-at-home moms now figuring out how to transition back into workforce. What I love is that there is a lot of openness/sharing/strategizing around the work/parent balance. We're all in the same boat.

Jen McNeely, Founder of

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So, what’s stopping you from asking for what you want? And, are you willing to go ahead and ask for it in spite of fear?

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