How to Rediscover Mojo

How to Rediscover Mojo


When you have something you really want to CREATE, what do you do next? Do you allow it to emerge into form or do you tell yourself that it is too impossible?

Last year around this time, an idea came to mind for me. And, I allowed myself to visualize it.  Everyday, I spent two minutes imagining in detail what I wanted to create. And, the more I visualized it, the more I felt it happening. My post-winter mojo was back…and I felt amazing.

And then, this January of my 40th year, I turned my idea into something concrete.  I lead a powerful one-day retreat at The Brickworks for a group of fifteen changemakers, all moms.

The January retreat sold out.

And, in the words of those attending, it was a magical and transformative experience.  


All photos by Melanie Gordon Photography.

Since then, many of the women in The MoMentum coaching program are transforming their ideas into form.  One client is working on her novel, another is establishing better flex time (and fun) in her work life, another is launching a whole new business and others are building engaged teams at work and in the community at large. All this from a little seed of an idea.

What is the idea that you want to seed?

Are you giving it the attention it needs to thrive?

Parting words…from January’s retreat.

“I feel transformed”
“Everything makes sense since the retreat”
“I look in the mirror differently and accept my wrinkles”
“I’m turning 40 this year and I’m not going to wait another year to get the support I need.”

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