Introducing, The MoMentum Marketplace.

Introducing, The MoMentum Marketplace.

One of my greatest joys is witnessing my clients grow their vision.

Melanie Gordon Photography

Melanie Gordon Photography

Starting today, I’m going to share their vision with you through a new + exciting monthly instalment:



With The MoMentum: MARKET, learn the backstory of a client in The MoMentum community who is growing their vision.

Every month, this changemaker will share their vision, key tips and a special discount through The MoMentum for you to purchase their conscious product or service.

For this first instalment of The MoMentum Marketplace, we’re talking with Clare Frejd about her magical and beautiful product: Bedelia.


Functional, loveable bedding for kids

100% waterproof, breathable sheets that lie on top of fitted sheets to protect bedding from accidents. Designed and made in Toronto, Canada.


The Bedelia Story

As a textile scientist, Clare knew that she had to design a fabric that was highly functional — and she knew it had to look and feel great, the kind of fabric that would compliment the cozy well-made bed she was trying to create in her kids' rooms. After more than one year of research and a lot of trial and error, the WEESHEET was born.  The product’s unique proprietary waterproof fabric is made in a Canadian-American mill, the trim is knit in Scarborough and all the sewing is done in Toronto.

A note from Natalie on Bedelia

I own this beautiful item and honestly don’t know what I was thinking before Clare and Bedelia came into my life! This magical + stylish solution has saved me the precious 20 minutes of sleep in the middle of the night where I’d have to go hunting in the dark for a full change of bedding (including mattress protector!)

Thank you Clare!

And now for…

Clare’s tips on How to Grow Your Vision.

1. Go all in!  Allow yourself to come up with your most ugly, awful worst case scenario. Then, compare how you are going to feel if you chicken out and play it safe. For me the fear was real, but comparing it to how I was going to feel if I didn't even try helped me overcome the fear and go for it, all in.

2. Set aside one time window each day for your business. When I committed to making the first nap of the day 'work time' it was magic. I accepted that I might have 20 minutes or I might have 2 hours so I was forced to prioritize what will have the most effective in pushing forward my business.  I set my microwave timer for five minutes to clean up as much of the household disaster as I  can,  then sit down and work.

3. Get help! I got to a point in my business where I felt stuck. My basement was full of stock, I had a vision for Bedelia, but I was having a hard time taking the final step to launch or even figure out what that step was. Turns out a coach was exactly what I needed. Natalie has been so insightful, helping me sort out what the actual obstacle is. She whipped this inveterate procrastinator into shape with deadlines and friendly 'just checking up on you' emails, she was there to bounce ideas off of and has helped quiet my inner critic.

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