The MoMentum Coaching Program


If you want a successful and sustainable work + life...

The MoMentum Coaching Program is ready for you.


Do you have a sense of where you want to be in work + life but you're not sure how to get there?

The MoMentum has the roadmap to get you there.

When I became a mother, everything changed overnight. Life felt infinitely more challenging, and richer, than ever before. And what became most clear was that I wanted my work to feel meaningful and sustainable: motherhood awoke my desire + ability to have the kind of impact I always admired in others.

Without question, this desire for a livelihood where life + work align is what I hear most in my work with other mothers. The MoMentum Coaching Program is designed to help you close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Through one-on-one coaching, guided mindfulness practice, accountability tools and community connection, this program gives you the roadmap to drive the change you long for.

Get fired up.

Now I show up to work each day with energy, focus and a clear schedule for the day's priorities. I feel inspired and confident about the business that I run and the amazing clients whom I have the honour to work with! I feel more fulfilled than ever before when I'm working, and because of that, I'm much more present than I ever thought possible during family time.

Are you ready to feel the same? The MoMentum Coaching Program is here to help.


What will The MoMentum Coaching Program do for me?

At the end of this six-month program you will have:

  • Clarity and direction for your next steps. A framework and timeline which you’ve already embarked on and seen results.

  • A set of portable and practical tools to get beyond your barriers, and a feeling of being more empowered, and calmer, as a result.

  • The foundation to be the emotionally-intelligent leader you want to be.

The MoMentum Coaching Program is more than just a support group for mom-venting or an e-learning leadership course. This is a living and breathing experience, a community and a movement to effectively guide moms who are ready to step into even more of their full potential. Are you sick and tired of your status quo and ready to make sh*t happen?! The MoMentum is here, ready and waiting, to help you!

I can’t say enough about Natalie, she arrived when I needed her wisdom most. She has the ability to show up each week and deliver exactly what I need to hear - or consider - in almost all facets of my life.

As a result of The MoMentum, I feel less vulnerable, more in control...I show up with more confidence and believe in myself and my instincts. I also BREATHE a hell of a lot more!
— Alison, mom and Residential Designer

The MoMentum Program includes:

● Six months of weekly group calls. Format is mindfulness practice, weekly lesson, journaling activity and facilitated discussion. Group call is designed to move participants beyond their set point into new thinking and behaviour patterns into fuller expression of their potential.

● Six months of unlimited one-on-one check in calls with Natalie which you book at your convenience

● Monthly in-person gathering: mindfulness practice, speaker spotlight and/or mastermind, networking, refreshments.

● Unlimited emailing + WhatsApp for support with Natalie

● The MoMentum Program Guide curated by Natalie

● Private, members-only online hub for community, support, inspiration.

● Special client rates to retreats

Who will be coaching me?

That would be me, Natalie Ruskin, BA (McGill), BJ (Ryerson), RYT (Certified yoga teacher), Certified Professional Co-active Coach.

As a mom myself, I understand what you're feeling, and I know how to lead you through it to a place of confidence, calm and capacity.

I have over 2,000 hrs of mindfulness training and 10+ years experience as a journalist, programmer and workplace consultant at the CBC. My approach is to integrate evidence-based coaching with the ancient wisdom tradition of mindfulness to help clients achieve the results they want: feeling more alive and, ultimately, having a positive impact in their life and on others.  

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Ready to step into your best self?

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