The MoMentum Workshop


Greater calm, clarity, and tools for a sustainable motherhood+livelihood...

Join other motivated moms for an inspiring two-hours to get you closer to the results you want in life + work

The MoMentum Workshop is your first step to living a more mindful, empowered and successful life.

Are you a mom longing to create a change in your life or career but not sure how or when to do it?

Do you put others' needs before your own, sometimes to the detriment of what you wish for yourself?

Join other motivated moms for an inspiring, energizing and practical workshop

This two-hour workshop includes mindfulness practice, practical coaching exercises and facilitated group sharing, and will set you on the path to creating a life + career you LOVE.  

Working with Natalie has been so rewarding, right from day 1. She has a way of helping
you move forward with honesty, enthusiasm and compassion. She is not afraid to tell
you the truth about what’s holding you back, and will work with you on how to address
those barriers, with a goal of developing a new mindset that will eliminate the roadblock.
— Cathy Katrib-Reyes, Project Manager & mom

Is The MoMentum Workshop for me?

Do you find there just aren't enough hours in the day to prioritize the things that matter most to you?

Do you feel ready to own more of who you are at home and at work?

Do you want to feel more empowered, organized and focused about life, your life? 

If so, then this workshop will help set you on the path to all these things!


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