What is The MoMentum?

The MoMentum is what happened when a hardworking news journalist and corporate trailblazer (that would be me, Natalie) became a mother of two... and burnout was no longer an option. The MoMentum happened when other changemaker moms observed what I was creating and wanted to learn how they too could make a living, on their own terms.   

So, what is it exactly that we're growing here?

The MoMentum
is a movement, a road map and a permission slip for every mom who wants to grow her vision of success in her own way, with maximum impact and, without burning out.


The MoMentum Newsletter:

• Special promotions from The MoMentum: Gathered, a monthly curation of conscious products and services by moms, for moms.

Practical tips on how to gain calm, clarity and confidence in your every day.

• Updates on gatherings, workshops and events.

• Inspiring profiles + stories about other successful mom founders and changemakers in The MoMentum Community.

• Announcements about The MoMentum offerings - including this FREE one-time coaching call I offer.

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