I know Natalie to be innovative, intuitive, courageous and deeply thoughtful...she is not afraid to say the things that need to be said in service of the project or relationship she is in. I find her inspiring presence a joy to be around.
— Lauren Brett Randolph, Exec. Director at Randolph College for the Performing Arts, Executive Life Coach.

what they had to say...

Natalie's passion and drive for the work she does is infectious and inspiring. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an individual who can help their organization move ahead and succeed.

- RACHEL NIXON, Award-winning digital news leader and Executive Editor of Discourse Media. 

I, although skeptical at first, was quickly won over by the results of just letting go for half an hour and being in the moment. I always left the class energized and balanced. 

- Ben, Executive Producer, CBC Radio-Canada

My work requires me to juggle many, many things simultaneously - learning how to be 'present' really helps me shut out the noise that can be so distracting in the course of my day. Our sessions were such a nice way to start the work week... finding quiet in a day is a reminder to do so every day.

- Jessica, Senior Producer, CBC Radio-Canada

Natalie is one of those people that others find themselves drawn to. She is aware of, and true to who she is; she successfully accomplishes projects and goals in her own way... that is to say her unique and thoughtful approach always involves collaboration with others, being assertive while remaining empathetic and approachable, building up her supporters and team. 

— Hilary Walker, Senior Producer, special projects at CBC Radio-Canada

Natalie is a born leader who can easily influence a group, yet has the unique capability to exude empathy and diplomacy.

— Cathy Katrib-Reyes, Project manager with CBC's engagement and inclusion team


Natalie's creative and courageous thinking is inspiring.  She is willing to look at any situation - no matter how successful - and say, "How can we make it even better?"

- Patrick Maday, VP at Frank N. Magid Associates (business strategy company)