Work with me. Move the dial on your career, life priorities, and impact - mindfully.

Watch this video to learn more about The MoMentum from clients of the program and founder, Natalie Ruskin.

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Are you experiencing any of these?

  • Overwhelm and exhaustion

  • Mom guilt, tension with your partner

  • Lack of focus and poor time management skills

  • A need for a roadmap to guide your career or business growth

  • A need for clear goals and targets you want to get excited to achieve

Get ready to find your flow.

Embark on The MoMentum and witness yourself as you make the #mindfulmoves to bring greater focus, clarity and fulfillment into your work, your relationships and your overall wellbeing.

Together, we will…

  • Build the essential daily flow you’re needing to feel focused so that you can show up with calm and joy in relationship with your kids, your partner and your work.

  • Shift you into an authentic mindset so that you can lead yourself, your business and/or your team towards the high-impact outcomes you desire.

  • Design a customized, workable action plan to focus your efforts so that you can reach your personal and professional wants with ease.

  • Identify and champion your strengths so that you can effortlessly get beyond your status quo around earning potential, self-image and life priorities.

  • Implement the accountability system you need so that you can break through the time management barriers which otherwise hijack your momentum towards achieving what you desire.


The MoMentum Coaching Experience

Oct 2019. Six months. Group + Individual coaching.


This transformative program is for you if you are ready to make a shift in your working life — but you’re not sure how to do it. Through one-on-one coaching, weekly accountability check-ins and The MoMentum online mindfulness class, you gain the tools, mindset and support you’re craving to close your thinking-doing gap. This program truly inspires you into action beyond your stuck point - you know what I’m talking about! With Natalie’s no-BS and highly intuitive coaching approach, you’ll begin to see that you can grow beyond your impossible. You’ll witness other likeminded moms grow beyond their impossible every week and you’ll be inspired to take action, with ease.

The MoMentum is a highly practical and powerful coaching experience which supports you with:

Biweekly one-on-one coaching calls with your coach, Natalie Ruskin

Once a week online evening group calls lead by Natalie for yourself and a small group of other high-achieving moms in the program.

Inspiring monthly in-person gatherings for the group with The MoMentum Mentors

Weekly Live accountability check-ins to keep you making headway with your goals

A customized action checklist to help you stay focused on your goal

And so much more...


Accelerator Coaching for Individuals

Two months. One-on-One Coaching. Customized.


This package is for you if you know where you want to go and you’re ready to get the coaching, accountability and support to grow your vision beyond what you’ve so far tried solo. Clients who go through this powerful coaching experience have successfully: defined and launched their business, increased sales, shifted their career and, ultimately, acquired an empowered self-image around who they are in work, dramatically reducing their overwhelm and confusion.

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Having a place to take my professional challenges and discover solutions puts so much pep in my step in what was starting to feel like a long and arduous road! I can’t recommend this program enough.
— Sara, Entrepeneur

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The MoMentum Blog

When was the last time you put your oxygen mask on first before responding to your child...or partner, or job?  Can’t recall? Then pour yourself a cup of tea, and take a couple of minutes for yourself to read this.

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The mind behind The MoMentum...

Hi!  I'm Natalie Ruskin, BA (McGill), BJ (Ryerson), RYT, CPCC. I'm passionate about being a mindful and engaged mom to my two young boys, partner to my husband and leader of The MoMentum - the transformative coaching experience which is reaching more and more mothers who are motivated to step into their full potential.

I spent 10+ years in public broadcasting as a current affairs producer/consultant before this slight job change to create The MoMentum. I'm a certified professional coach, mindfulness teacher and yoga instructor and have over 2,000 hours of mindfulness training under my belt.

My approach is to integrate evidence-based coaching with the ancient tradition of mindfulness to help clients achieve the results they want: feeling more alive and, ultimately, having a positive impact on others.  

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