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Melanie Gordon Photography

Melanie Gordon Photography

I immediately saw the impact of having Natalie as my coach from day 1. She has a way of helping you move forward with honesty, enthusiasm and compassion. I would say that it's easy to try to postpone this type of self-reflection but it's so necessary and needed NOW! I am so glad I didn't delay the work I'm doing with Natalie, though it was my first inclination. She is not afraid to tell you the truth about what's holding you back, and will work with you on how to address those barriers, with a goal of developing a new mindset that will eliminate the roadblock.

The MOMentum sessions are excellent weekly guides to help address the barriers, keep us accountable and inspire us to be our best selves. I definitely have more confidence in my ability to move forward. I have concrete goals and a realistic long-term plan. I feel more inspired and committed in my current role as I see it as a conduit to bigger things to come!

- Cathy, Project Manager

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I met Natalie a few years ago traveling in the same mindfulness circle and was taken by her warm, positive and nurturing personality. It took a couple of years of random collisions and career progressions on both of our parts to reach a place and time where she was offering just what I needed. A collective of women looking to steer their lives in a meaningful and purposeful way. The MOMentum has been a wonderful experience for me so far. The calibre of the other women involved, the “we’re all in this together” vibe, and Natalie’s guidance has been both nurturing and a catalyst to push through my own barriers to living my best life.  

As a single, self-employed mother working from home I often feel like an island. The experience of the mastermind group, having a place to take my professional challenges and discover solutions puts so much pep in my step in what was starting to feel like a long and arduous road! I can’t recommend this program enough.

- Sara, Entrepreneur

Melanie Gordon Photography

Melanie Gordon Photography



Thank you, Natalie, for your grace and guidance. Your meditations were so powerful, it was almost like I had been waiting my whole life to hear them. I was able to connect with my calm heart and uncover goals that will move me towards more joy, creativity and alignment in my life. Thank you for your presence that holds space for others and raises people’s frequencies. This is a rare gift.

- Mel, Documentary Photographer

Melanie Gordon Photography

Melanie Gordon Photography


I have been working with Natalie since January, and this past quarter has been my most successful to date. She helped me notice a lot of unproductive patterns in my daily life. The idea of working with a professional/life coach was a bit of a hard concept for me to get at first, but after some encouragement from a trusted colleague, I signed up. The group that I've been working with is also a total mixed bag: from lawyers at big corporate companies, to freelancers, entrepreneurs and stay-at-home moms now figuring out how to transition back into the workforce. What I love is that there is a lot of openness/sharing/strategizing around the work/parent balance. We're all in the same boat.

- Jen, Publisher/Writer


I am more thoughtfully kind to myself and more present in my life. That thoughtfulness has spread to my relationships with others, with wonderful results. If you have an open mind this can be very, very helpful.

- Melinda, Physician

Melanie Gordon photography

Melanie Gordon photography

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