If you want to move your results beyond status quo, if you feel excited about taking the next step, then this program is for you. 



The MoMentum will move you into the fullest expression of who you long to be - in your work, your relationships, in your own skin.


When I became a mother, so much of who I was changed — and I longed for my outside to be a reflection of my inside. My life, my relationships and who I was at the core was changing - and I needed a roadmap and a champion to help me see my destination and guide me to it. Today, I lead the transformative coaching program I wish someone had created for me. I help working mothers define, build and own successful and authentic working lives.

The MoMentum program is a life-changing experience that will inspire you to step into your full potential. Whether you want to increase your financial earnings, prioritize wellness and overall health for yourself and your family, launch a new venture, foster more mindful and connected relationships at home, or just feel more confident and calm in your own skin - this program will meet you where you’re at and move you to where you want to be.

If you want the results in your life and work to move beyond your status quo, if you feel excited about taking the next step, then this program is for you. 


The MoMentum Coaching Program

Get the tools, support, and accountability you need to close the gap between where you are now and where you truly want to be.

I definitely have more confidence in my ability to move forward as a result of The MoMentum. I have concrete goals and a realistic long-term plan. I feel more inspired and committed in my current role, as I see it as a conduit to bigger things to come!
— Cathy, Senior Project Manager in Public Sector


The MoMentum Workshop

Take a time-out for YOU and attend this inspiring, two-hour workshop. Gain the calm, clarity and confidence you long for.


The MoMentum Talks

Hear from inspiring and successful leaders - who happen to be moms - about how they are owning it in life and work. Get new tools, connect with other working moms and discover new solutions for your current situation.

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The MoMentum Blog

When was the last time you put your oxygen mask on first before responding to your child...or partner, or job?  Can’t recall? Then pour yourself a cup of tea, and take a couple of minutes for yourself to read this.

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The MoMentum Newsletter

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The mind behind The MoMentum...

Hi!  I'm Natalie Ruskin, BA (McGill), BJ (Ryerson), RYT, CPCC. I'm passionate about being a mindful and engaged mom to my two young boys, partner to my husband and leader of The MoMentum - the transformative coaching experience which is reaching more and more mothers who are motivated to step into their full potential.

I spent 10+ years in public broadcasting as a current affairs producer/consultant before this slight job change to create The MoMentum. I'm a certified professional coach, mindfulness teacher and yoga instructor and have over 2,000 hours of mindfulness training under my belt.

My approach is to integrate evidence-based coaching with the ancient tradition of mindfulness to help clients achieve the results they want: feeling more alive and, ultimately, having a positive impact on others.  

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